Ragtime by E.L. Doctorow

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The novel takes place in the early 1900 and follows the lifelines social lights of Evelyn Nesbit, Harry Thaw, Stanford White, and many others. Although the three are not the main leads of the novel, they do take a large part in confectioning our main characters together.

While it took a while for the novel to make sense, I did enjoy the plot. The storyline moved fast, and each character’s life stories were different, fascinating, and took drastic changes throughout the novel.

I did admire Mother’s Younger Brother for taking the stand for justice and joining Coalhouse Walker in his revenge. And poor Jewish immigrant Tateh, who made a big name in the cinema industry in order to take his little family from poverty and give his little girl the life she deserved. And finally the Mother’s strength, protection, and love for a little orphan.

Good overall read. There were a few entertaining chapters. Not my favorite historical fiction, as it was hard to follow the plot at time. It did come together by the end of the book.

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2 thoughts on “Ragtime

  1. I enjoyed this book because I learned so much. It’s also an old movie with James Cagney if you are old enough to know him. Lol. Seriously, the movie will fill in the blanks on what was hard to follow.


    • I watched his 30s and 40s movies. Love old movies. Interesting, I’ll watch the movie. It did made sense at the end, but the plot was very confusing thru the novel. And too many different characters to follow. I felt that the story has really picked up by the last quarter of the book. Hence I was pleasantly surprised and happy.

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