The Dare

The Dare by Lesley Kara

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you ever read Colleen Hoover’s “This Is Us” and enjoyed the ending – this is a book for you!

Now, please meet our main character – Lizzie. It seems that Lizzie, who had a rough teenagehood that followed after the tragic accident that involved her best friend, has finally found her happily ever after. A new home and loving fiance were a new start to the life she never imagined would happen… And suddenly, like a domino effect, the memories, people, and secrets from the past began to appear at a rapid pace and made Lizzie question not only her future… but also her painful past.

The pages of the novel are full of hatred, anger, remorse, loss, happiness, and a little bit of hope. The reader goes thru multiple ranges of emotions before heading for the final chapter. Thank you NetGalley and Bantam Press Publisher for an advanced copy of the novel.

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