Goodnight Sweetheart

Goodnight Sweetheart by Pam Weaver

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Unlike many other books that I’ve read about WWII, this novel shed a lot of light on early women’s rights, racism, interracial marriage versus the horrors of the war.

After the sudden death of her mother, Frankie is sent to live with her aunt and her family. But do not fret, besides the horror of losing her mother, Frankie was given a warm and loving home. When WWII hit the great Brittan and her cousins enrolled in the military, Frankie maneuvered to get herself in a midst of war and help her country and the English army. During this time, Frankie came across an American doctor and suddenly fell in love. The feeling was mutual and Frankie became a war bride. But her life, once again, threw a curveball, and another heartbreak came upon a young wife. But despite the brutality of her life, Frankie didn’t give up on her spirit.

I enjoyed Frankie’s story, I loved her strong will. No matter the number of devastating circumstances that came upon her and her family, she remained hopeful, encouraging, loyal, and most important didn’t let her devastation seek revenge. An orphan, then war widow and single mother, Frankie turned into a land and business owner. 1940 was the time when women began to enter the world as independent individuals, and the novel has highlighted this fact very well. This book is a great read for someone like myself who is a lover of historical fiction and WWII but wants a little change in the plot of the novel.

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