The Marriage

The Marriage by K.L. Slater

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ten years earlier, her son was killed. Today she married his murdered. This is not a revenge story.

Tom and Jesse have been inseparable since they met in early childhood. The mothers became close friends by default. But one fatal night brought the end of the friendship and Jesse’s life. Both mothers were devastated, one lost her son to the grave, another one – to jail. However, what has made the difference was how they both handled their heartbreak. Can a mother start her life over after the death of her son? And more than that – marry his murderer. It must be revenge – there is no other possible explanation. And Tom’s mother is determined to expose Bridget’s plan. But everything is much more complicated.

I loved the plot with all the unpredictable twists. Hands down the best thriller I’ve read in the past year. I’ve been complaining about not being able to find a book that can shock me – and the universe has sent me a pleasant surprise. I must admit, I did not trust Bridget at all, all the way till the very end. I was convinced she was in it for the vengeance. But oh boy – how wrong I was. This is a fast-read novel. Definitely pour yourself a glass of wine to go with the book.

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