The Daughter In Law

The Daughter In Law by Nina Manning

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There is no secret that mothers don’t always welcome their son’s wives into their lives with open arms and pure affection. Hence I didn’t expect much fondness from Annie towards her new daughter-in-law. But this story made my skin crawl.

Annie and Ben always lived in a big secluded beach house. Inseparable mother and son. That’s how she has always envisioned it, her precious boy, living with her till the end of time. But out of nowhere, Daisy has invaded their blissful life. The enemy who torn their quiet life, and ripped sweet and wonderful Ben out of Annie’s life. But Annie will move the mountains to protect and return her sweet boy exactly where he belongs – with her.

At first, I thought it would be a novel about a jealous mother who has a hard time letting go of her only son. The further the book went – the more I began to fear Annie. Annie’s character is spine-chilling. Her obsession with Ben from the beginning felt unhealthy. And her behavior just screamed – leave your home, move to another country, change your identity, and just stay far far away from this lunatic. The lady gave me goosebumps, and she is just a character in the book. On the other hand – Daily, oh how many times I have wished that I could jump into the pages of the novel and give this girl a good shake. I get that she was going thru a couple of shocking events, plus mommy’s brain, but how stupid can you get to literally walk into the obvious mouse trap. Anyway, without the characters, we would not have a great page-turning thriller. A great novel to curl up with on these cold autumn nights.

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