The House Mate

The House Mate by Nina Manning

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Life should be spent with the person you know loves you as much as you love them.”

Regi receives an opportunity of a lifetime, to restart her life with a new home, new friends, new future. Despite the gruesome memories of her past that continue to shadow her, she tries to move on and it brings her to a new hobby – Instagram. And that’s when Regi comes across Mrs. Clean account on Instagram, and her obsession begins.

First, this novel proved, like many others before this, social media is a happy and perfect buddle, what you see on your screen may not mirror the reality. And you never know who is behind the screen name. While Regi is trying to escape her past, she jumps headfirst into the situation that puts her in a danger. Second, it covers psychological topics as OCD, PTSD, and fixation.

I must admit, narrators’ stories that overlapped were a bit confusing, I wish it was explained better. Nevertheless, I did enjoy the story with all the twists. There was a compelling and gradual build-up of the suspense that led to a great finale. This is a great psychological thriller, perfect evening read.

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