The Yellow House

The Yellow House by Patricia Falvey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I would not wish on my worst enemy the life Eileen O’Neill has experienced in long, hard 15 years. From losing her young sister to discovering a dreadful secret that tore her family apart, her mom admitted into a mental ward, estranged older brother, to the tragic death of her father, losing her family home to marrying a man who stole all her life savings and abandoned her. Working day in day, fighting in the revolution, trying to raise a child. No wonder Eileen began to think her adored yellow house brought a curse on the O’Neill family.

After reading of Eileen’s misfortunes and what she went thru, I was not surprised by the fire that ran in her, the dream she was chasing, that one day she will rebuild the yellow house and bring her whole family back together to a happy home. But her stubbornness got her in trouble more times than I could count. Nevertheless, the girl, like a cat had nine lives, and could always find the way out of the worst situation. Although, I was surprised by the devotion to her husband after all he put her thru. And surprisingly, in the end, they parted with peace between them.

The plot of the novel is deeply staggering. Every chapter brought yet another sensational twist, and it kept on coming. There were no dull moments that I could take a breath and relax, by the end of the novel I was on my toes. Bewildering, spectacular, and just simply exceptional story of a worrier that live and fought and survived.

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