Wrapped Up in Christmas Hope

Wrapped Up in Christmas Hope by Janice Lynn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a typical Hallmark Christmas novel. Great story of family, love, hope, and new beginnings.

Morgan’s return to the small town of Pine Hill was not easy. As a widow and a single mom who is trying to make her ends meet she has no room for love in her life. Well, not until a handsome firefighter enters her and Grayson’s life. After weeks and toying around, the couple confesses their feelings and as you’re imagined lived their hallmark happily ever after.

The way the novel was going, I was hoping it would end in a cliffhanger when Andrew would leave the town. This would make a great second part for the novel when he would return and the fight for Morgan’s heart would begin all over again. Ah, the girl could dream. A great happy-go-lucky plot, but it was missing the thrill. Thank you NetGalley and Hallmark Publishing for a free copy of the novel.

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