The Birthday Party

The Birthday Party by Wendy Dranfield

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I got full-body chills while reading the book.

As Kathy drops Charlie at the Birthday Party, all she can see is joy on the little girl’s face. As she drives away – the main and only worry on her mind is her troubled marriage. If she only knew that a few hours after this moment – her world will change, and all the family secrets will come crashing down like a domino effect.

First of all, as a new mom – this novel hit me hard. I was crying alongside Kathy. Second – the cruelty of the mother towards her own child was simply despicable. I’ve enjoyed the fast pacing theme of this novel. The author throws the reader right in the middle of the rollercoaster. The dual timeline worked perfectly for this novel, explaining Kathy’s background. But most importantly I loved the way an author has connected all the pieces in this horrific puzzle at the end. This novel left me with confused feelings. It felt wrong to be happy for the family after such a horrific loss. Nevertheless, it was a thrilling read, the secrets and twists were well written into the story. Thank you NetGalley and Bookouture for an advanced and free copy of the novel.

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