The German Wife

The German Wife by Debbie Rix

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“The German Wife” is a novel about a young german couple with dreams and hopes for the future of the great Germany. As Annaliese and Hans tied their knot and settled into a marriage routine the unexpected happened – Hans was assigned to work as an experiment doctor at the Dachau. The horrors of the camp took over Hans’ mind, heart, and soul. The brutality of the war and the NAZI party have changed Annaliese’s outlook on life and made her question her own marriage. Her despair for a child has thrown Annaliese to bite a forbidden fruit, giving her the greatest gift of all – a little boy. Unfortunately, the life she has envisioned for herself was not the life she’d lived and experienced. The abandonment, the heartbreak, and a small loving boy became Annaliese’s motivation for a better life on the new continent.

I have read close to a hundred novels about WWII, all from the view of people from different parts of the world. But this one was different. I often wondered, what germans thought of their fuhrer? Were they all the supporters of the Party? What ruled their hate towards non-Aryans? This novel sheds a great lite on the people who didn’t agree with Hitler’s political ideology and future plans for Germany. In Hans’ character, we meet germans who were afraid to stand up to the Party. Despite their true beliefs, they cause harm to innocent people in order to survive. This is a great novel to learn “the other side” of germans. And of course, there is a touch of romance in the novel as well. And I must admit – I loved the ending. True, rough, and real. If I could give this book six stars – I would. Thank you, NetGalley for a free copy of the novel.

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