The Dissent of Annie Lang

The Dissent of Annie Lang by Ros Franey

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

After losing her mother at a very young age, later suffering from step mother’s rough upbringing and despite the family’s very religious lifestyle – young Annie begins to lose her faith in God. With no one to turn to or help her understand the peculiar events she is witnessing, Annie turns to her diary. Fast forward six years, the grown Annie visits her brother in the hospital, and meets her Sunday school teacher who had disappeared years prior. With a little digging and an old diary, Annie uncovers a scandalous family secret.

I have enjoyed the ending of the novel, however, I was struggling with the first 3/4 of the story and was seriously debating if I should leave the novel unfinished. In my opinion, the story was stretched out, a lot of information provided could have been excluded in the first place making the story shorter and closer to the point the ending has revealed. The subject of the novel is unique, very rarely do I come across authors who speak up against the church and “behind the scene” unpleasant affairs. Especially coming from a child’s point of view. In spite of the length of the novel, I found the ending satisfying. Thank you NetGalley and Muswell Press publisher for a free copy of the novel.

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