The Marriage Secret

The Marriage Secret by Carey Baldwin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Be careful what you wish for.

The perfect man, does he exist? Holly found her perfect match when Zach has entered her life. His charm won over her heart and shortly after their first encounter Holly was locked in the golden cage living the perfect life. But was that the perfect life, was that the life Holly desired? Confused by her husband’s behavior and lately by her own “baby brain”, Holly began to analyze her situation and for the very first time saw her husband in a brand new light – perfect Zach didn’t match the image of perfect husband/son/colleague/friend he pretended to be. Holly found herself on the crossroad – to stay and continue to play a perfect family or to run and expose her husband for what he really is?

This novel is a perfect example of gaslighting, manipulation, verbal abuse, it was clearly presented from the very first pages. From a naive and trusting wife, Holly has turned into a fighter. I was impressed by her character’s change throughout the novel. Friend’s betrayal was something that caught me off guard but made a great last surprise. What surprised me was how easily manipulated Holly was. Although, I was happy to see her survive the life she, at last, was trying to escape. A gripping plot with many twists and turns, although the ending left me a bit confused and I didn’t find Holly’s big secret very shocking. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed the read.

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