The Party At Number 12

The Party at Number 12 by Kerry Wilkinson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One evening, one party, one murder… one night to remember for the rest of their lives.

After receiving a generous inheritance, Hannah’s mind is set to see the world. Her family and friends have mixed feelings about her plan; nevertheless, they all gathered together to give Hannah a farewell party, aka good ole girls’ sleepover. The party is filled with food, booze, games, and light drugs. In the morning, the gang discovers that one of their girls is dead. The group decides against police involvement, as each person has something to hide from law enforcement. But no matter how hard they have tried to hide all the evidence, police have quickly found their way to a strange group of guests.

What an exciting read. I loved the connection between all the characters. The phenomenal, mysterious plot, and the twisty reveals were well done. The story had me captivated, and I really looked forward to knowing what was going on and how the novel would end. It is hard for me to comprehend the action the group has taken. Maybe it was a shock that guided them to that plan. Nevertheless, I was happy when, despite giving the word to keep up with the lies to protect the group, Hannah gave up and decided to uncover the mystery of her friend’s death. This is my first book by Kerry Wilkinson and definitely not the last. Thank you, NetGalley and Bookouture publisher, for a free and advanced copy of the novel.

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