The Hidden Beach

The Hidden Beach by Karen Swan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Life is so much simpler when people just talk honestly.

After a major life event, England native Bell settles down in Sweden. The job as a nanny was dropped into her hands… After meeting Hanna, a mom of three in the cafe, ad giving her a little hand of help, Belle found herself with a well-paying and purposeful job. One of the perks of working for the family was a summer getaway on the beautiful island, outside of the civilization. This year the summer holiday is very different. The family that she loves and works for keeps a very major secret hidden from Bell, and their children. Bell’s job got a lot more difficult, especially since her own feelings got involved in the family’s affair.

It feels so good to go back to romance novels, and Karen Swan’s novels are the best. She puts a lot of effort into her research, hence her books are always unique and filled with so many details of the foreign places, their beauty, and history. This is not my most favorite novel by this author, but I did enjoy the story and the intriguing twists that it came with.

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