The Late Mr. Cary

THE LATE MR. CARY: A 1920s mystery by Michael Campeta

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This story takes us to a snowy and cold Albany NY. Outside is 1928. Megan boards a train in NY, not knowing that this trip will change her life. On the train, she meets a queer woman who shares a shocking secret with her. Megan also meets a handsome man in a cafe cabin. After her arrival in Albany, our young librarian crosses paths with her new acquaintances and forms a close friendship. The shocking twist comes at the end when her new friends meet her family-in-law. The fatal encounter leads to a string of shocking events.

Loved the final plot twist. I did see it coming, but fully enjoyed the reveal presented by the author. It is a fun and easy read, slow at the beginning but picks up the pace towards the end. I also found the dialogue between the characters a bit peculiar, as it lacked the natural flow. But it’s easy to disregard taking into consideration the mystery part of the whole novel.

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