My Life In France

My Life in France by Julia Child

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I met Julia Child for the first time in the movie “Julie and Julia”. It took me a while to get to this wonderful book, but I am so glad I’ve waited this long as I’ve appreciated it so much more.
First, Julia is a firecracker. So much fire in one character, I was simply amazed! But we have bonded on our mutual love for the delicious French cuisine.

Julia’s life in France is simply spectacular. I could feel her character shine thru the words of the book. She was able to adapt to post war Paris and fall in love with the magnificent city within the days of her arrival. But this book is not about Paris, or France. It’s about the French cuisine. Julia was the first person who taught the world, not just the Americans, how to master the French cooking. The work that went into the first cook book was tremendous, and I was amazed at how much thought was put into each recipe. I was so impressed, I’ve ordered the cook book and going to try the famous recipes myself. Wish me luck!

My second favorite part of the book is Julia and Paul’s relationship. Their love, support and patience for each other is simply inspiring.

This was an undeniably enjoyable read.

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