What Happens in Greece

What Happens in Greece by Sue Roberts

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A great feel-good novel that is taking place on the island of Greece.

When they discovered a sale of a gorgeous house on their favorite greek island – Jamie and Charlotte take a leap of faith, buy the scenic house and move to their favorite place on earth, with hopes of everyday vacation mode life. But weeks after the move, the couple realizes that they both have absolutely different views on their future. So as Jamie goes packing and moves back to their hometown, Charlotte takes time to let her broken heart heal. As time passes, she realizes how much she has missed her other love – the love for baking. And with a help of wonderful neighbors and newly met friends, Charlotte reopens the only bakery on her beloved island. And in the midst of living her dream life, our heroine begins to develop feelings for a dark, tall, and handsome local restaurant owner. And suddenly she receives a call from Jamie.

Although the novel was ah so predictable, I did enjoy a beautiful and inspiring story about following the heart and dreams. Of course, this is fiction, and in a book anything is possible and every character gets their happy ending. But stories like this give us hope and faith that everything works out in the end. After a number of suspense novels, this book was a breath of fresh air, a great break from my usual genre of reading. Thank you, NetGalley for a free and advanced copy of this novel in the exchange for my honest review.

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