The Light We Left Behind

The Light We Left Behind by Tessa Harris

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The sudden death of Maddie’s mentor gives her an opportunity to help her country to fight an enemy. While the brave men protected their lives on the front lines, Maddie and her team worked on extracting the war secrets from their jailed enemies. Using the psychology and Dr. Baskin’s notes, she is trying to break into the mind of the Nazi captured general.

I did enjoy the psychology part of the novel, the way the British intelligence agency was able to read the minds of Germany’s most notorious generals. I was impressed by the treatment the high-rank Nazi generals received while being detained on English soil. Nevertheless, let’s get back to the story. Great plot, loved the spy act of the novel. A cute love triangle that played an essential role in the book. I would not call this novel intriguing. It’s a great, light, feel-good read, perfect for lovers of WWII history. Honestly, after reading multiple gruesome WWII books, the mind and soul demand something pleasing and hopeful, and this book was a perfect choice.

Thank you Harper Collins for a free copy of the novel.

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