The Blame Game

The Blame Game by Sandie Jones

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Growing up in a domestic abuse home, and losing her mother and sister at a very young age, gave Naomi a great push of opening her own practice to work and help peoples who are suffering from physical and domestic violence. But Naomi does so much more for her patience, which draws an issue in her own marriage. But she has no idea that one of her latest clients is playing a very dangerous game of life and death.

This novel had my mind working from the very first to the very last pages. It has been a few days since I finished the novel, and my mind is still on this last plot twist. Phenomenal writing, and a great plot, loved Naomi’s back story, although I was a bit disappointed by the latter. Wish there was more of it to the novel. Nevertheless, Naomi’s clients produced enough drama for one book. I enjoyed all the twists provided in the story. It was a fast-paced read, I was very intrigued and had a hard time putting the novel down, hence it took me a bit more than one day to finish it.

Thank you to Macmillan Audio and Sandie Jones for providing this complimentary ARC through NetGalley.

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