Secrets Of The Nile

Secrets of the Nile by Tasha Alexander

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is my first Lady Emily Mystery, and despite the fact it is the 16th novel, I fell right into the story without needing the explanations of her previous books.

A spectacular vacation planned by Lord Bertram Deeley for his close friends is taking place on a lavish cruise on the Nile. But Lord Deeley falls dead during the first dinner party and the cause of his death is cyanide. Has one of the guests arrived at the party with a vicious plan to kill their host? As Lady Ashton and her husband take a closer look at their peers, they uncover a scandalous reality, every single guest has a motive to poison the late Lord Deeley, but who took the advantage of the opportunity and murdered their host?

The remarkable story of the murders that are taking place on the historic Nile. Although the novel does have a very close writing style to the famous queen of mystery Agatha Christie, this story is its own gem. Not a big fan of a large number of characters, although it worked so well in the novel and the author has utilized every one of them in a great thrilling fashion. The last plot twist was wonderful, although I have predicted it, loved the explanation provided by the author. Even though I liked the novel, it was a very slow and long read. The second sub-story was good, but not impressive. It made the point it was supposed to make, just took a very long time getting there. Nevertheless, I loved Lady Emily Ashton and her corkiness and looking forward to reading more of her adventures.

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