The Secrets We Left Behind

The Secrets We Left Behind by Susan Elliot Wright

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

She has it all, an adoring husband, a beautiful daughter, a job where she helps women in need, just like the ones she once was… and a couple of dark secrets. The time has come, to tell the truth, and make amends.

The Secrets We Left Behind is an emotional read. The dual timeline opens the door to our heroine’s past. She had a happy childhood, up until the moment her family fell apart. As a teenager, she takes the role of the head of the household. The “secret” referred to in the novel is very easy to guess. However, the events that took place in 1976 and led Jo to begin to lie about her past are heart-rending. The last scene at the cottage nearly made me cry. I was overwhelmed by the feelings of love and loss.

Overall, this is a good, fast read, very moving at times. I would love to read more from this very talented author.

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