The Nurse’s Secret

The Nurse’s Secret by Liz Lawler

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sarah may be thirty-something years of age, but like a cat, she has lived multiple lives. Today she is a new wife and a beloved and well-experienced nurse. Unfortunately, her bad luck strikes again, and her husband William is found dead at their home. The main detective in charge of William’s case is Sarah’s ex-lover. On top of this, her fellow nurse assumes the role of a mother hen, and Sarah finds herself in an awkward situation.

Revenge is a word that comes to my mind when I think of this novel. The main job of the nurse is to provide comfort and support to the patient. But our nurse leaves multiple dead bodies behind her. The plot of “The Nurse’s Secret” is a combination of multiple secrets that are revealed throughout the novel. I must admit, the storyline was too busy for my liking. Too many characters with their own agenda and backstories. I did like the finale of the novel, not the typical happy-ending, but a very optimistic one. Makes me wonder if there will be a sequel to this book.

Thank you, NetGalley for a free and advanced copy of the novel in exchange for my honest review.

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