A little about me…


Hi there! Welcome to my blog!

My name is Alina and I’m a bibliophile. I’m also known as a book collector aka book dragon aka book addict aka lover of all things related to reading. I enjoy reading and finding new authors to read. I am an avid reader, I like getting my hands on the latest releases and bestsellers, however, and I love to get lost in pages of classic books as well. Reading is a passionate hobby for me. Besides books, I also love history (mostly European, the late 1800s and the time of and after WWII), old movies (1920s-1960s), Christmas (hello!!! the best time of the year), wine and… Paris.

If you’re a writer or a publisher and would like me to read and review your book (honest review), I would be thrilled to do it. I prefer the following genres: mystery, suspense, thriller, historical, romance. Fantasy, horror, and sci-fi are really not my kind of thing, sorry. I post my reviews on this blog and GoodReads, I can also post it on Amazon or other sites per your request. If you have any books that you would like me to read and review, please contact me here. Please give me your timeline and brief book synopsis.

How I rate my books:

5 stars – phenomenal book, had me at WOW, could not put it down

4 stars – amazing book, enjoyed the story, will look out for more books by the author

3 stars – a book is ok, didn’t get my full attention

2 stars – I did not enjoy the book (which happens very, very rarely), reasons will be listed in the review

1 star – I did not finish the book (which never happens), not my cup of tea, reasons will be listed in the review

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