Lies She Told

Lies She ToldLies She Told by Cate Holahan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dear Cate Holahan, thank you for this sensational thriller. I’ve read so many mystery/suspense books, that I eventually developed that fiction detective sense and ability to predict the ending. During the second part of the book I figured out the twist, but the author still found the way to surprise me at the end.

The beginning was a bit confusing as the chapters jumped between Liza and Beth characters. Eventually, I got used to the switch and got lured into the mysterious world of lies created by once upon a time bestselling author Liza Cole. Pressured by her editor, Liza tries to write her next major romance thriller. Besides work deadline, she is also struggling to get pregnant. It was hard enough to get her husband, David, on board of baby train, but now that his best friend and law firm partner Nick Landau is missing, it became impossible to get a free minute of his time.

Liza takes this time to focus on her novel about a new mom, Beth, who discovers her husband’s infidelity. Furious Beth kills her husband’s mistress and tosses her body into Hudson. She almost get’s away with murder… but her husband learns the truth.

Back in the reality land, Nick’s body is found and David is a suspect. But that’s not all, Liza discovers her husband’s dirty little secret… and he – her’s…

Lies She Told is a quick read. Why? Because it’s absolutely impossible to put in down. I could not decide if I should get a cup of coffee and stay up all night and finish this book, or get a glass of wine to overcome my impatience. This MUST read psychological thriller will make you flip thru the pages so fast, it may catch fire.


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