Роксолана: Полная версия легендарной книги by Павло Загребельный

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“An intelligent, kind, understanding, openhearted, candid, talented, generous, emotional and grateful woman who cares about the soul rather than the body; who is not carried away with ordinary glimmers such as money, prone to science and art; in short, a perfect woman.” Pavlo Zahrebelny

Tatars’ attack on Ukrainian villages was a typical incident back in the 1500s. During one of the attacks on Rohatyn, Nasty among other young men and women was taken into slavery. On the day of the attack, Nastya was on her way to the church, to wed. Young Nastya’s beauty was immediately noted by Tatars, which resulted in better treatment. Once in Istambul, instead of giving up hope for the future, Nasty decides to learn the language and new tradition in order to be sold into a better home as a maid. As the luck shined on the Ukrainian slave, she was purchased by the highest house in the whole Ottoman Empire and joined Sultans Harem.

It took a very short time for Nastya to meet Suleiman. And even less time for the Ottoman Emperor to fall for a beautiful and smart Ukrainian girl. Nastya used Suleiman’s affection to become the Haseki Sultan, and eventually filled the space in his heart. After converting to Islam, she became the chief consort and legal (and ONLY) wife of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. She has become one of the most powerful and influential women in Ottoman history.

Her road to power was not easy. But determination, strong will, intelligence rewarded her with the power she never hoped to achieve. She was cruel and stony-hearted and would execute anyone who stood in her way. But she opened her heart and arms to the poor and less fortunate. Her legacy keeps thriving.

Phenomenal story of a simple Slovak girl who made a huge impact on the Ottoman Empire. Great and fast read full of many interesting facts of Slovak and Ottoman history.

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